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5 Performance Management Insights You Can’t Miss from 2015

By iRevü Performance Management

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2015 is wrapping up, what better way to reflect upon a great year than re-visiting your successes? Or rather our successes! Our blog posts covered topics from workplace failures to the importance of real-time feedback to millennials and the changing world of mobility. Below we have listed the creme de la creme of our 2015 performance management insights blog posts.

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1. 6 Nonsensical Ways to Start a Performance Conversation Off Wrong

Performance-Management-Insights This article offers mounds of ways in which you should NOT conduct a performance conversation. From vague feedback to too much input, this article covers it all: Before you begin a conversation with an employee regarding their performance, make sure you’re not starting off on the wrong foot. Tracking and managing performance are an essential part to any and every successful workforce, but it’s how performance results are communicated is what can make or break a high-performing team. The best performance reviews are well thought out conversations, curated specifically to the employee. Only 55% of employees feel inspired by their leaders. Read more about how NOT to talk about performance with employees.

2. Millennials Demand Mobility: Here’s How to Give it to Them

Performance-Management-Insights In this article, we tackle the mobility trend that is very evident with the millennial workforce, and how your company can better incorporate mobility into its everyday routine: The Millennial generation has surpassed Gen X and the Baby Boomers in the American workforce in numbers, and with that comes needed change to the way we work. A demand for mobility is evident from this mobile generation and it’s more comprehensive than you may think. Like it or not, Millennials demand mobile as a healthy and useful part of their total communication plan. Here’s how to make the shift to a millennial magnet workforce. According to Glassdoor, nearly 50% of job seekers think mobile devices will be the most common way to search for jobs in two years or less. Catch up on mobile recruiting trends for Millennials…

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3. Great Onboarding: The Predecessor to Better Performance

Performance-Management-Insights This article is chock full of statistics AND tips to better your onboarding processes. We offer advice on how to better your onboarding processes in a way that both encourages and entices employees to perform better: It’s easy to assume that having a stellar onboarding process will keep your new hires productive and satisfied. In fact, a recent Urbanbound study revealed that organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 50% greater retention rates. There’s no doubt that the onboarding process is critical to a new employee’s productivity, longevity and performance milestones. However, companies still lose 25% of new employees every year; 16% occurring within an employee’s first week! With each generation comes new expectations, motivations, and reasons to keep on keepin’ on. For that reason, employers should strive to go beyond the onboarding process to champion performance. But just how do you do that? Get interested in a talent provoking onboarding process.

4. Top Mistakes Managers Make Giving Feedback to Millennials

Performance-Management-Insights This post bodes most of its advice to feedback methods, specifically when dealing with millennials: The number of Millennials growing in the workforce is steadily increasing. In fact, by 2025, 3 out of every 4 workers globally (yes, GLOBALLY) will be Millennials. How do you communicate with this new generation of workers? There’s a lot of mistakes one can make when dealing with the Millennial workforce, so we’ve mapped out 5 of the biggest to watch for… and how to correct them. See our helpful tactics on giving employee feedback to Millennials.

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5. Can HR act as a catalyst for a more meaningful business?

Performance-Management-Insights In this article, we address many tough questions facing the HR world and offer tailored advice to those working in the industry: This week, it’s hardly impossible to resist commenting on the latest Atlantic article. After an endless stream of unforgiving, HR-bashing pieces, Christine Bader offered a different approach. “To Do Good in the World, Get a Better HR Department” – suggested the author. This bold title, as well as Bader’s approach, are interesting for several reasons. It’s difficult not to be intrigued when something so different from the usual (negative) narrative around corporate HR instantly makes perfect sense. The article’s title itself does something very interesting: it links the seemingly remote disciplines of sustainability/ social good and human resources Use this tailored advice on how to better your HR department. There you have it, our best posts from 2015. What’s up next? 2016, and a whole new shipment of performance management insights, and advice to boot.

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