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Employee engagement & performance management isn’t just for HR

By iRevü Employee Engagement, Performance Management

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In today’s business world, it’s common for organizations to specialize: Finance takes care of the balance sheet, operations make sure the supply chain is humming, and human resources worries about employee engagement, performance management, and morale. But should it be this way, particularly when staff costs are typically the largest on-going business expense?

You would expect a blog focused on HR issues would try to make the case for CFOs and other executives to care, right? In this post, we’ll take a different approach and let others make the case—others who are not HR specialists. Just consider:

  • makes the case on why employee performance matters, in a piece about optimizing talent and sweating the small (or “soft skill”) stuff. Read the piece here.
  • Gartner Research is best known for its focus on IT and all things technology, and even these technology leaders recognize the importance of employee engagement. Read their report on how engagement impacts financial outcomes and business risk here.
  • One articles doesn’t even dance around the subject, and is simply called “Why CEOs and CFOs should care about employee engagement.” You can read it here.

Now that we’ve gotten your attention, check out CFO Daily News’ top ten strategies for employee engagement here. Also take a few moments to check out the employee performance management solution from Engagiant, an innovator in social performance management.

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