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Employee Retention Tips: How to Keep Them Coming Back

By Michael Heller Employee Retention

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If your business is a body, then upper management is the brain power and the employees are the limbs. Managers and leaders are responsible for talking new hires through training. They are diligently watching over the operations. They are reaching out to new clients. You need to keep those limbs, err…employees, happy, healthy and in general, there because these are the people that touch every aspect of your business.

If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re huge fans of employee retention. By maintaining a set of go-to, top-notch employees, you house a knowledgeable, powerful workforce and reduce those pesky training costs. Overall, employee retention ensures success for your business.

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So, how do you keep them? We’ve made a list (and we’re sure you’ll want to check it twice) of employee retention tips that are easy to implement, yet oh so effective:


Align your company with a positive culture so employees look forward to going to work every day. A defined company culture correlates with higher performance, engagement and job satisfaction.


An astonishing 87% of Millennials note that professional development is very important. Train employees to take on harder tasks and prepare them for future promotion opportunities in the company.

professional on phone laptop office touchbase with employees360 Degree Feedback:

Introduce a 360-degree review, where employees anonymously evaluate coworkers, supervisors and even managers. By hearing critics from a variety of employees, you will get a full idea of how each worker is truly doing. Without feedback, employees will not be engaged.


A notable 58% of respondents believe their leaders could improve engagement by giving recognition. Step up your appreciation game with a wall of fame where you highlight what employees are doing exceptionally well.


In today’s shifting work environment, flexibility is close to expected. Create a program where employees who meet some number of criteria are allowed to create their own schedules. If they don’t follow the rules, remove them from the program. Allowing freedom to establish their own schedules can lead your company to retain “winners”.


A transparent policy is positively correlated with higher employee morale. Keep communication open and honest, all the way from the top to the very bottom.

Fix the problem:

Take the opportunity to conduct a relaxed and supportive exit interview with any leaving employees. Use the information they provide, and see what you can do to correct any problems. If one employee left because of an issue, others are sure to follow.


It is so important to regularly touch base with your employees to keep them engaged. Let your employees know what they are doing well and what they can improve on.

Hire only the best (and get rid of the rest):

Nobody likes to go to work and pick up the slack for a lousy employee or coworker. Hiring shouldn’t be about filling positions, but about finding the right candidate for that position. Create a hiring process that allows you to vet out the weak-links before they even start.


With 57% of individuals stating that benefits are a top consideration when accepting a job, it is no secret that they are appreciative of every benefit you offer. From the required medical insurance option to the coffee in the break room, compliment their salary with a few extra exciting benefits. You can learn a lot from these companies that are pros in employee appreciation.

older professional smiling pen coffee team office computer

Clear Expectations:

Always changing expectations can create uncertainty on what needs to be accomplished on a day to day basis. This also leaves employees wondering what they did wrong to warrant such a change. Create, and try to keep a clear expectation for each position for the most solid results.

As the masterminds behind the business, you need to keep your employees happy, healthy and coming back to work each and every day. Of course, the more comprehensive your employee retention strategy is, the more likely your business is to retain those well-groomed, high performing employees. With that in mind, take careful consideration of each checkbox when setting up (or revamping) your retention plan. As the brain of the organization, you can only do so much. You need those trusty employees to act as your legs to run down new leads, arms to reach out to disengaged clients and a mouth to shout to the world “we’re here, and our products and services are just what you’re looking for!”


Posted By Michael Heller

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