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Millennials in the Workforce

By iRevü Performance Management

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40% of the workforce are Millennials…or will be in less than 3 years. And, that’s a big performance management change that companies aren’t ready for.

Before determining how to engage and retain this new generation of workers, it is important to understand how Millennials differ from previous generations. Although they have recently received a lot of bad press as a lazy and/or entitled generation, there are some excellent traits and capabilities that Millennials possess—traits that organizations can utilize and benefit from once fully understood.

So what exactly makes a Millennial in the workplace different?

The top workplace traits of Millenials are:

  1. Yearning to Keep Learning
  2. Extreme Optimism
  3. Teams are Fun
  4. Immediate Results
  5. Impulsiveness

To learn more, see our latest research white paper here.

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