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[Video] 6 Ideal Ways to Supercharge Low-Performing Employees

By Michael Heller Employee Engagement, Performance Management

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High performers as compared to low performers are more satisfied with their jobs and less likely to leave their jobs within the next 6 months. A high performer can deliver 400% more productivity than the average performer. So, what can you do to supercharge any low-performers? In our video, we show different ways on how to manage low performing employees and turn them into employees who show up excited about work. 55% of #employees are not engaged in their jobs. Change this, 6 ways: @Engagiant_iRevu Click To Tweet

If you ignore your high performers, they will seek alternative opportunities that provide more challenges, growth and rewards. Your competitors are looking at your talent. Keep your best workers by meeting their wants and needs. Now that you have a couple of tricks up your sleeves, see how you can supercharge your employees. Apply some of these tactics to your low-performing employees. In the meantime check out iRevü’s easy to use programs, such as the real-time feedback and integrated rewards systems!

Michael Heller

Posted By Michael Heller

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