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  • Five-minute performance reviews work wonders for your employees

  • Microfeedback makes potential performance a reality

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Who We Are

iRevü’s cloud-based, easy-to-implement real time performance management system gives your people the high frequency guidance they need while building a performance culture that is easier for your managers and HR department.

Build your performance culture NOW

Annual performance reviews are extinct. Employees want real time performance management today, not months down the road. iRevü gives managers the freedom to provide frequent feedback your workforce can act on. Today.

Take 5 Minutes to Change Your Culture

Want world-class performance culture? Then take 5 minutes to give employees the feedback they need to move forward in their careers. Get out from behind the desk and take your performance reviews mobile and improve employee performance and productivity.

why choose iRevü

Send performance feedback to your employees in real-time.

Integrates seamlessly with your current performance management platform.

View feedback and adjust performance on the spot.

Maintain continuity across all your platforms, from Android to iOS.

Enjoy cloud speed and security with your performance data.

Export iRevüs to all major HR Systems (and Word, Excel, Powerpoint, GoogleDocs, PDF).

Managers Love Instant Feedback

Real Time Performance Management Makes Great Companies

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Performance Reviews in 5 Minutes or Less

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