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Employee Feedback Software Features

the ROI of performance feedback

People-centered employee feedback software

View performance reviews you’ve received or send requests for performance reviews or employee feedback, from any mobile device or desktop.

You can tie employee feedback to both company values or individual employee or team goals. Receiving a review request triggers an email to managers, and managers are periodically reminded of overdue employee feedback.

All performance review and appraisal data are exportable into your annual review form at any time by the employee, their manager or the HR administrator, making real-time feedback a breeze.

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Performance Transparency

Search, sort and export your employee feedback software with ease; sort and export all activity during a date range for clear visibility into the performance review process. Administrators and managers can be exclusively approved to have full data visibility or limited user administration rights.

View performance culture based on value alignment, frequency and consistency of reviews and even analyze the text within performance reviews, company-wide.

Employee feedback is personal

Employees can update their personal data on their individual profiles.

Employee feedback is interactive

Any iRevü sent to an individual can be replied to, allowing for continuous performance dialog for a stronger collaboration and team dynamic.

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