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Performance Management in Healthcare

How feedback helps teams in the healthcare industry

Performance management is even more important when lives and critical care are on the line. From hospital administrators to care providers like nurses and doctors, feedback is crucial to the success of a healthcare organization. Healthcare performance management can be difficult to maintain when lives are at stake, which is why microfeedback must be easy to implement and mobile-enabled.

Enter iRevü’s Performance Management for Healthcare. We’ve worked with our healthcare clients to create case studies, use cases and resources to help you steer performance management in a healthcare environment. Combined with our free trial, it’s just the medicine your performance management plan needs.

Case Studies

National Lutheran Communities & Services
NLCS healthcare performance management case study preview

See how iRevü has helped The National Lutheran Communities & Services (NLCS), a healthcare organization, take their performance management to the next level by allowing them a way to connect managers with their customers and community. Download our case study for more information!

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