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Smart and Innovative

Our innovative microfeedback approach creates high-performing and engaged teams. Informed by performance management best practices and inspired by a desire for employees everywhere to experience quality feedback and performance management, it’s the right real time feedback solution for your company.

Consistent and Engaging

Have immediate access to performance information anywhere your workforce is, from mobile to desktop. All performance management data is backed up on the cloud and synced across all your devices. Stay on top of delivering and receiving real time performance feedback. Start building a performance culture today.

Stay on top of performance

Access past performance and feedback history on chronologically organized employee timelines so you never lose important information. See where, when and how your managers are improving employee performance and align performance reviews with company values.

Everyone Wins

Wherever you are, enjoy direct access to feedback, goals, and interactions with your employees. Real time performance management, whether as a manager to your employees or from one employee to another, is literally in the hands of your workforce.

Look to the future

Set goals for yourself and other employees and stay accountable to make progress towards goals and improvement, making sure you never stagnate or become disengaged. Never miss another great idea or opportunity to reward and recognize your workforce!

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