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What is Real Time Performance Management?

By iRevü Performance Management, Real Time Performance Management

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Are you ready to learn the truth about employee engagement in your organization?

If you aren’t regularly communicating with employees in your organization, you missing out on the opportunity to improve your bottom line. Real time performance management is key in success.

YES – communicating with employees and providing real time employee engagement and performance feedback will create a significant positive shift within your company.

Employee Feedback

Without employee engagement & feedback delivered consistently, organizational growth is impossible. Feedback impacts financial growth, leadership growth for your managers, employee engagement growth and even growth in your workplace culture.

Normal and dreaded performance reviews are conducted annually or twice yearly. Waiting this long to discuss employee performance can make employees feel neglected, undervalued, and disengaged.

Real Time Performance Management

What is it?

At its core, Real Time Performance Management is capturing organizational communication regarding employee performance and using that information to understand what’s working and what’s not working within your company.

  • Are company values understood and adhered to?
  • Are employees actively engaged in company culture?
  • Are managers following through with employees who need additional training or education?
  • Has onboarding worked? What was / is missing?
  • Do employees feel trusted, respected, and valued?
  • Are employees unhappy or looking for new jobs?
  • Are projects completed in a timely manner with the expected or hoped for outcome?
  • Are performance reviews conducted and completed once or twice yearly?

These questions can be answered right now when real time performance management is practiced.

Real time performance management is now, it is current, and it matters today. It opens the door to actually manage employee performance in real time and see what road blocks or conditions are in place right here, right now that impact employees and the internal workings of a company.

Is there an ROI to Managing Performance in Real Time?

You bet’cha!

Check out this little calculator we’ve put together to measure how real time performance management will impact the bottom line at your company.

It’s a pretty good bet that real time will make a difference to your company.

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