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Who iRevü Helps

Look into the performance management system examples from clients to see how they’ve benefitted.


Productivity Boost

Janice’s performance review process was ruining morale and productivity in the office.

The process would gum up HR for weeks as every person in the company would slog through their performance review process. To add to the frustration, Janice had multiple start dates to contend with so large projects got delayed while HR and line managers tried to find the paper trail for performance issues.

Today, Janice still manages her company’s annual reviews but rolls up monthly iRevü data into the process. This omits the last-minute flurry to find supporting evidence and makes the process go faster. By comparing the old process to the new, Janice can see a 6% increase in productivity compared to the same time last year.

By comparing the old annual performance review process to the new real time performance management culture, Janice can see a 6% increase in productivity YOY.


Management Win

Landon was struggling to connect to his mostly millennial staff.

Frequent face-to-face meetings in between performance reviews sapped his in-office time and made him dread performance reviews in general. He was trying to complete his work while providing the feedback his employees asked for and finding there was not enough time for both.

At the same time, he was tasked with increasing engagement on his team and two others. Landon realized he needed to get a handle on consistent performance feedback he could manage. He started using iRevü to get himself on a consistent feedback schedule of every other week.

Engagement rates started to rise, and three poor performing employees were able to increase their output by up to 13%. Landon no longer struggled to connect with his employees, and their feedback to him is helping him manage the team better.


Engagement Increase

Deborah was stunned after her first performance review.

After a year where she learned several new skills and successfully led a couple of high visibility projects, she found herself with an “adequate” rating.

Her manager stated she was not working within the company values. The only issue is Deborah had no idea what those values were. She wrestled with quitting a job that she had loved before the performance review.

Three months later, her workplace rolled out real time feedback on a three-week rotating schedule and attached every performance iRevü to a company value.

Now that Deborah articulates her company values, she can align her projects and new skills to those values.

At Deborah’s last review, she could point to values-based performance and receive a “strong performer” rating for her performance.

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