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Real Time Performance Management: Questions and Answers

We thought we’d answer a few questions you might have about iRevü.

What is real time performance management?

Real time performance management is providing feedback to employees when, or shortly after, work tasks are accomplished.

What is employee microfeedback?

Employee microfeedback is providing performance feedback in small, manageable bursts instead of waiting for a predetermined cycle (like an annual assessment) to occur. Microfeedback gives the recipient a manageable approach to work modification – which is much easier to accomplish than a large list of items.

What is real time microfeedback?

Microfeedback is small, manageable bursts of performance feedback.
Real time microfeedback are bursts of performance feedback that happen in close proximity to an event occurring.

Is there a mobile app for performance reviews?

There are several mobile apps for performance reviews. These apps allow people to provide real time performance feedback, bursts of microfeedback, and are easy for reinforcing employee behavior – especially with a geographically dispersed workforce. The premiere mobile performance management platform is iRevü.

Do annual reviews work the way they are supposed to?

Annual reviews were designed to let employees know how they did last year or cycle, as well as let them know what to improve upon. However, because feedback with annual reviews is sometimes delayed, the immediacy impact doesn’t occur.  Today’s top companies are coupling regular, formalized reviews with ongoing real time feedback to ensure employees are better engaged and improving faster.

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