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Performance Management Can Help Support Healthcare Employees and Managers

By Michael Heller healthcare, Performance Feedback

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As a leader or manager within your healthcare facility, you want to ensure that your team is always supported in the best ways possible to provide quality care and attention to their patients, and even co-workers. But, it’s equally important not to forget about yourself! Focusing on a system that allows you to provide support for your team, and helps you out, aids in fostering employee satisfaction. In fact, At Google, employee satisfaction rose 37% as a result of investing in such support and productivity incentives. Imagine what it could do to your small team of medical staff.

Supporting yourself and your staff has obvious benefits, but the question remains of HOW you can go about doing this. Without further ado, let’s get into the details of how systems such as performance management can help both you, and your team. Check it out:

Create More Effective Evaluations

When thinking of performance management the first thing that may come to mind is employee evaluations. Afterall, that is the bases of properly managing performance. You may also be thinking, “Employee evaluations? We don’t have time for that!” Don’t panic! Integrating an actual performance management system can actually cut down the time it takes to properly evaluate everyone on your team – it’s all in the system that you decide to use.

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For instance, online or mobile performance management systems allow both you and staff to have constant access to evaluations and any feedback given. Imagine giving the new intern some much-needed feedback while on your lunch break, without pulling them aside for a face to face conversation. Now, it’s possible! This provides them the opportunity to always know their goals to work toward, any areas of improvement, and more.

“When employees have visibility into their goals for the coming year and where they need to improve, they feel more accountable,” – Meredith Merriman, Human Resource Specialist at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage

In addition to easier access and communication, performance management systems also allow you, as a manager, to monitor and use your time more wisely. No more waiting around to cycle through talking with all your staff. Now, you are able to attend more important meetings and focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the entire facility, not just one employee.

Overall, these systems offer a way to be transparent throughout the entire, ongoing evaluation process. This means higher levels of accountability and engagement with all of your staff members – including yourself.

Clearer Communication

In the hustle and bustle of any workplace, communication can sometimes fall to the wayside. Add rushing patients, nurses, and doctors to the mix and it’s a wonder you can ever get a word in. But, implementing the proper performance management system helps keep both you and staff members in the know. Plus, applying frequent communication and feedback helps your team know if they are meeting performance expectations, proper quality measures, and more. Afterall, studies have shown 4 out of 10 employees are actively disengaged when they get little to no feedback. And, in the healthcare industry, that is definitely something to be avoided.

“Feedback needs to be provided on a consistent basis. Technological solutions are a good way to standardize not only how often employees get feedback, but also the specific areas in which they receive feedback,” – Dr. Frederick Morgeson, Professor of Management in Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University.

Align Organizational Missions

In order for your staff to perform at its absolute best, they need to know and understand the direction that your facility is going. What are you striving for? What are the main goals for the quarter, or even year? Providing this understanding means your staff knows exactly where their focus should be.

Employees know what they need to be working on, and how their improvements will aid in the betterment of the facility while also helping it reach specific goals and missions. Aside from giving staff a better understanding of how they can work toward organizational missions, how does aligning these goals with performance really help you, your organization, and even other staff members?

According to Gallup, creating a mission-driven company or organization can help:

  • Drive loyalty across generations
  • Fosters customer (or patient) engagement
  • Improve strategic alignment
  • Help measure leadership and managerial talent

Now that you understand just how a healthcare performance management system can support both you and your staff, where exactly do you find such a system to implement? That’s where iRevü comes in! Our mobile app program allows for ease of communication and feedback to make employee evaluations and performance management simple and easy to use. Take a free trial of iRevü now to see what we can do to help your healthcare facility!

Michael Heller

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