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The Value of Frequent Employee Feedback

By iRevü Employee Appreciation, Microfeedback, Performance Feedback

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“I don’t want just words. If that’s all you have for me, you’d better go.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Less Conversation, More Action

It seems like we’ve been talking about increasing employee appreciation for a while now. How about a little less talk and a lot more action? It really does boil down to making sure your employees feel valued.

Employee Feedback is a great way to make sure employees get the guidance, as well as the recognition, they need to continue on as contributing members to their organizations. We all like to feel valued in our personal lives, of course this also extends to our professional lives.

We’ve put together this free whitepaper –
Frequent Employee Feedback

What you can expect to learn from this guide:

  • Feedback: Essential to Effective Employee Engagement and the Retention of Quality Employees
  • The Impact of Successful Mentorships and One-on-One Training
  • The Value of Aligning Goals
  • Why Frequency of Feedback Works
  • PLUS: 3 Ways to Get Employees Involved in Feedback

Why Get this Guide?

If you have no idea how to develop a microfeedback program within your organization or want to jumpstart your process, this guide is for you.


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